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building up the pollution and building up the heat and humidity. 78 at bel air. 74 arnold. air conditioning, i hope it works in annapolis because it's 7 2. feels like 77. a sultry morning and not much relief even at the beach. there's the boardwalk hotel. 87% humidity in rehobeth. this afternoon we will shoot for 93 on the thermometer. it will feel like 100 and it will get hotter tomorrow. storms are possible overnight and we will talk about that next. right now let's talk about traffic with tonya. >> reporter: we have some debris in the road and different -- in different spots. it will be 50 eastbound at the bay bridge. it's in lane 4 there. taking a look at the beltway on the southwest side, we are doing okay here with follow volume. a little heavier to the outer loop. inner loop is moving well. we have some sort of incident 95 southbound at o'donnell. not sure what it is. we can't see it in the cameras, but be aware of that.
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be careful heading 95 southbound. debris on the road outer loop at green spring avenue. charley. >> thanks. these days in annapolis is sprucing things up a bit along the city dock with the grand reopening of the market house. a fixture that's been around since the 1700s and this morning abc2 sherrie johnson is here with a preview for when the doors reopen today. hey, sherrie. >> reporter: hey, anticipation is in the air with the revamping of the market house at city docks in annapolis. grand reopening takes place this morning at nine. nine vendors have signed short- term leases to be a part of the grand reopening. this lineup will offer food, maps and artwork. the goal is to bring locally owned billss -- businesses into the market to offer a high quality merchandise at a reasonable price. here's what's available, chicken roost, bb bistro. jer yea on the shore, maryland
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table, myra's popcorn. and nonprofit organizations will be assigned space in the market house on a rotational basis and it will be open from 10 a.m. to 8 every day. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. a family of 7 is dead after a small plane crashed into rural alabama this weekend. the plane had left st. louis on saturday and was heading to florida when eat apparently lost the right engine. the federal aviation administration says the plane was diverted to an airport in alabama but crashed about two miles short of the runway. police found the bodies of two adults and five children. four people are dead following a boating accident along the hudson river in new york. and police are now trying to determine if alcohol played a role in the crashch the sheriff office says the boat hit a concrete footing and began to sing. -- sinking. fans of the twilight movies
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may want to look away. an inn featured in the movies caught on fire on sunday. you can see it from the video. firefighters say really-- faced intense flames and the fire burned through the roof and did extensive damage to the second floor. the viewpoint in is on the columbia river gorge in oregon. parts of twilight were shot at this hotel. an ohio dad sprang into action when his 3-year-old son fell 40 feet into a well. ie was jumping on a rotting plywood when it gave way. they tried to lower the ladder down into the well so he could get out of the water. when that ladder didn't work he decide the only thing codo was climb down the rocks and made up the walls of the well built in 1886. >> it's amazing what you can do if your son or daughter is trapped in a well screaming and crying, you can do about
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anything. >> he reached him and pulled him up to the ladder but now they were both stuck. firefighters arrived and used ropes to pull them out. they pulled the son out and he was able to climb out on his own. >> scary. there's a law against using your cell phone and driving, but is that enough to keep you safe out there on the road. >> a new report is out today and it has a success rate on the crackdown efforts to distracted drivers what it means for you and traffic laws. you know what today is? it's 7-len. biggest convenience store wants to give you something to celebrate your birthday. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. k9 advantix ii.
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now "good morning maryland." today a government study about distracted driving is expected to be released and it shows that the crackdown and the public education about the dangers have proven highly effective. the study says hand-held cell phone use and texting while driving dropped sharply in syracuse new york and harford connecticut during four periods of stepped up enforcement coupled with media campaigns as well. so the transportation secretary says that the study shows the strong laws combined with the highly visible police enforcement can reduce dangerous cell phone habits when you are behind the wheel. and don't expect to see gas prices go down anymore at least for now. this is all coming from the lundberg survey and it's not great news. it found the two month drop off in gasoline crisis across the country is stopped due to steady and crude oil prices. the average price of a gallon of regular gas is $3.62. that's down a penny. over the past two weeks.
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the price of 38 cents dropped we have seen since the beginning of may when the average topped off at 4 gallons -- $4 a gallon rather. we want to help you find cheapest gas. we posted the information you need on abc2 look under the gas prices tab under traffic and you can check out the information that we have on cheap gas price. that's today is 7:11 and in honor of the day the -- 7-evan and in honor of that -- 11, and in honor of that 7-eleven will give out free slurpees. 38% -- go to one 7 eleven and then another one. >> you can't do that. just one slurpee per person or it will run out. >> you get three and you have to get rob one.
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>> forget rob. all right. listen. stay with us this morning. the president was spending time at camp david but fighter jets have to be called in. >> this is happening again. what happened during the weekend that prompted this flyby. also ahead, she touched a lot of lives. when you can say farewells to betty ford. >> all day music festival tickets totally free. today the lineup for the virgin mobile free fest has been announced. we will tell you who you will hear in columbia come september. september sounds so nice. this is it clit hottest week of the year. 72 in baltimore. 79 humidity. we are aiming for mid-90s and going hotter tomorrow. traffic is moving. let's see what it's doing with tonya. >> reporter: we have debris in the road. and volume is building on the beltway. we will show you where the slowdown is coming up.
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now "good morning
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maryland." it's monday morning. this is your a about -- abc2 news to go i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson of the welcome back meteorologist justin berk. >> i wish it's better news to talk about. here on maryland's most powerful doppler radar it's dry this morning. plenty of rain at the end of the last week and we may do some again as we try to break the heat wave. we are in the grips of a heatwave. towson watch the sun pop and it's going to be dang -- pop up and it's going to be dangerous today. 72 today but we are going for extreme uv index. extreme statewide. pick your shade of purple. doesn't matter because it's going to be definitely recommended not to be outside for any length of time today. temperatures they will surge and we have been hotter. we are going 93 with a heat index about 100. we have code red air quality and maybe a chance of storms overnight. and then even hotter temperatures tomorrow. let's go to the roads with tonya. >> reporter: we have volume out
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there. but not exactly stop and go just yet. that's great. let's look at white marsh boulevard pulaski highway no incidents in your way. we are dealing with right now is debris in the roadway. and it's going to be on the outer loop at green spring. back to you guys. deadline is looming for a deal to be reached on the nation's debt. that's what lead -- what leaders will talk about today at the white house. linda so is with us with more on why the deal must be reached soon and what it could mean for you. >> reporter: if a compromise is not reached, the nation could begin defaulting on it's bill which could hurt the economy. it comes down to august 2nd what deal need to be reached to avoid a default. on sunday the president met with congressional leaders to work out a idea. -- deal. democrats and republicans are having a hard time coming to a compromise. republicans say they are against raising the debt ceiling unless serious spending cuts are made. they want cuts to medicaid,
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medicare and social security. democrats though say no way. they want to raise taxes instead. the obama administration is warning of dire consequences if the government hits the credit limit and cannot pay its bills. >> you will see catastrophic damage across the american economy and global economy. >> reporter: now the talks will resume first thing this morning at the white house afterwards president obama will hold a news conference at 11 to talk about the budget crisis. in the studio, linda so, abc2 news. >> 6:46 right now. it was a violent weekend in the city and this morning police need your help to track down suspects in four murders investigated. started saturday morning where police found a 25-year-old man stabbed to death on the corner of charles and fayette. police believe he was with a group of friends when they were approached by another group. police say they exchangeed word and the man was stabbed. sunday morning police found a woman dead in east baltimore. they are not releasing how she
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died. police are working on a murderer that happened around 2:30 sunday morning. they are look for suspects in -- looking for suspects in the stabbing death of richard mills. police say they think they found him in a truck. a glen burnie man is behind bars charged with attempted murder after a stabbing during a street fight. police say three men were fighting on saunders way saturday night and police detained and charged a suspect 25-year-old ravon anderson way tempted first-degree murder on related charges. baltimore city police arrested a man waned in a deadly stabbing on the 4 -- wanted in the deadly stabbing on the 4th of july. marcus harris turned himself in on sa. he is accused of stab -- saturday. he is accused of stabbing a man to a deathch the groups got into an argument and they say harris stabbed calo. this morning, we stay bye to a familiar face. a man we knew as the car guy. bob bell learned on saturday night he had leukemia and he
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died just before 6:00 in the morning on sunday. he was 78 years old. general manager stewart brooks says he was not feeling well and bell leaves behind a wife and five daughters and 20 grandchildren and several great grandchildren. there will be a viewing on wednesday at st. louis church in clarksville. and funeral will be held the next day. family and friends are mourning the loss of this woman connie bass. bass was bea gaddy's daughter who passed away over the weekend. she took over the family business of caring for and fading -- feeding baltimore's poora after her mother died. she kept alive the spirit every thanksgiving and every day making sure people got what they needed. visitation will on friday from 8 in the mong until 8 at -- consider morning in the 8 at night. would -- 8 in the morning
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and 8 at night. betty ford was known for her candidness on issues leek abortion, premarital sex and equal rights. now to a fire in baltimore county. investigators say the fire started at the days inn in catonsville started in a storage room. watch as we were the only station in town that got you a shot of this. firefighters rescuing a woman from the 7th floor. it started in a locked storage room. 160 guests were evacuated from the hotel. two people including a firefighter had minor injuries. investigators say the fire caused 3.5 million dollas worth of damage to the hotel. president obama is back at the white house after a weekend at camp david. three airplanes were intercepted by fighter jets
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after getting too close to the presidential retreat. one was escorted away by f-15s on saturday and one shortly afternoon, and the other shoot away before 7:00. then a third airplane a cessna 182 was out of radio communication and was told to get away. that was at 10:30 sunday morning. all three planes landed without incident and investigators say it doesn't appear to be a connection between all three flights. you have to be excited about this. there's been a market house in annapolis that is going have a grand reopening. listen to who moving in. chicken roost, crab cakes and milk shakes and much more. >> have you been there? >> no. >> other place include frenzy's maryland's table and the market house will be open from 10 in the morning until 8 every day. go early and stay late. phillip's is a baltimore
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stable and now they are moving. -- staple and now they are moving. they are going with the espn zone used to be. they will be moving over there and this thursday we will look at the plans. thursday's meeting is jeweled -- scheduled for 1:30. >> we have been it will you about geno's for -- telling you about geno's for a while and now we have a better frame time when it will open. if you are interested in working there, goono's on -- geno's and joppa will start hiring next week. the owner will open the. first week of august. richard branson puts on a huge musical festival every year and the best part is it doesn't cost. today he announced what bands will be performing at the virgin mobile free festival. and the top acts are black keys clo green and tb on the vadeo -- radio. festival is saturday september
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10th. it's at mary weather post pavilion. free tickets are available. to get the tickets this year, you have to be a fan of virgin mobile live on facebook. students at prince george's county will earn college credit while in high school. pg community college opens the two-week continue to ductry session for 9th graders at col agency new academy of health sciences. the program is designed to help students make a smooth transition into high school and i long the way they will get college credit up to two years. time for five things to know before making your way out the door. leon pinetta is huddling with a meeting with iraqi leaders for the possibility of keeping some troops in iraq beyond 2011 and he will press iraq for a stronger action to stop attacks on u.s. forces. maryland senator ben carden meets with wound military
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personnel. he is scheduled to tour the fisher house and the national intrepid center of excellent in bethesda which is helping combat members with psychological health conditions and brain injuries. you can see the low flying plane in the area today. nasa is testing air quality in the baltimore/dc area. the flights go from now until the end of the month. local, state and federal officials know about the flight and don't want you to be startled. today's meeting of health care reform coordinating council in annapolis will be part of a 2011 campaign. lieutenant governor brown and maryland secretary of health and mental hygiene will lead themeeting to discuss changes in maryland a key agenda item includes progress in establishing the state's health benefit exchange. baltimore county public school summer school classes begins today. thousands are expect to take part in the summer program in courses that including those
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that kateer to students looking to enhance educational opportunities and academic advancement. most programs end in august so this is in time for the fall semester to begin. now maryland's most power -- now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> it might be tough to sit in the classroom today. nasa has their hands full with stuff to test. we are pushing temperatures above normal. 87 is where we belong. the second week of july is typically the hottest time of the year. it's not going to be challenging records today, but as we look at the satellite with high pressure in control, and that steam bath aiming in here. air quality and heat index. storms back to the west we may get some forming out of great lakes at least some disturbance that is could act on what we have in place to give us action by tonight. this afternoon is going to be back into the mountains. they get the enhancement from the terrain to build up storms if garrett county and skyline
6:55 am
drive. we may get cloud out of that asking to the haze. want -- adding to the haze. take a count for your pets. don't leave them out for an extended period of time with a bowl of water. it's not safe with the thick fur coat to handle the heat. overnight, we may break the heat with a thunderstorm near i- 95 and the chesapeake bay. that builds off towards the east and adding more steam tomorrow's cold front in the afternoon whether it's early or later on will determine how hot we get and whether we should have strong to severe storms to start breaking down this heat wave as we head through latter part of the heat. we are not getting the worst of it. but we get a taste at 93. code red air quality heat index 100 or higher. storms possible after midnight. 76 most of us. and the city could stay near 806789 tomorrow about 98 and feel like -- 80. tomorrow about 98 and feeling like 10 5. 80s, thursday friday
6:56 am
and saturday. >> reporter: accident reported water tower road at bynum. so be aware of that. looking outside, we are getting volume on the beltway. this is 695 at liberty road on and off you will run into slowdowns. we are affecting the drive times a little bit. 83 southbound. outer loop from 795 to 70 with the slowdowns about 9 minutes and bel air to providence about 8 minutes. outer loop at green spring, that debris is out of the road. we do have the artscape north avenue as your boundary on the north. on the west side the bondry is howard and dolphin. st. paul is the east and bidel on the south side will be your bondry for the closures there. >> all right -- boundary for the closures there. we will have updates for you with weather, traffic and news all morning. >> remember once again the nine show no more monday through friday. saturday now at 7:00 but always
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